Get Your Loved Ones to the Auto Repair Shop Safely

Get Your Loved Ones to the Auto Repair Shop Safely

Rely on us to offer transportation services in the Hendersonville, NC area

What will you do if your vehicle breaks down while your family of five is out and about? Everyone won't fit in the cab of the tow truck. Don't bother calling a friend or start hiking - rely on a tow truck driver from Fast Lane Towing 24/7 to arrange for transportation for your family. We partner with local transportation companies in the Hendersonville, NC area to chauffeur families when their vehicles are towed.

Ask for transportation services when you hire us to tow your vehicle.

We've got your vehicle and our transportation partner's got you

You can be confident that your family will be in good hands when you ask for transportation services. We'll help you find transportation that's:

  • Safe - we only call on reputable companies that are known for their safe driving
  • Comfortable - we'll make sure the vehicle that picks you up is big enough for everyone in your group
  • Efficient - we work with reliable transportation companies that will arrive quickly to pick up your family
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